Monday, July 1, 2013

Chama Steam Fall Madness 2013

Saturday, Sept. 28: check in, night photo shoot in the Chama Yard. 

Sunday, Sept. 29: Freight train with mid-train helper to Cumbres Pass. BOYH #315 and #463 will be on this train, which will likely morph into TWO trains to Antonito, with numerous runbys. Monday, 

Sept 30: TWO Freight trains from Antonito to Osier. #463 will head a chase train. #315 will head a stock train (limited passenger space). We will stop for runbys at strategic spots along the route. On Monday night we will have an evening photo shoot AND a night photo shoot at Osier. Those who wish to stay in their motel room will be transportaed back to Antonito by van. Those wgo want to stay at Osier will spend Monday night “roughing it” in the building at Osier. Cots and sleeping bags will be provided. We will make CERTAIN that you are as comfortable as possible! 

 Tuesday, Oct. 1: TWO freight trains will leave Osier before dawn and head for the morning light, then stop for breakfast at Osier. We will then head back to Antonito, with numerous runbys along the route. At this point we MAY pick up another crew in Antonito and do an evening Lava Turn. 

Wednesday, October 2: Freight train from Antonito to Chama Numerous runbys along the route. This train will include #315 and #463 Wednesday, Oct. 2, 7:00 PM: Free buffet dinner. Venue to be announced.

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